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So many whoops!! Help me!!

I have been flying tiny whoops and other drones for a while now, but my relatively old tiny whoop is in need of repair, and its only slightly more expensive to buy a new one. Given how much the tech has improved, I figured it would be worth investing in a new whoop (i currently have the inductrix fpv pro).
At this point, I'm trying to figure out which BNF whoop/ micro I should get to go with my DSM receiver. I'll be mostly looking to fly indoors, and outdoors if I get a powerful enough quad.
Given how much the options have diversified, I'm a little lost on what my best choices are.

Can anyone guide me on what I should be looking at and/or suggestions?



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The Mobula 6 is supposed to be a very good 1s whoop, it’s primarily indoors. I have the Mobula 7, you can fly it indoors and we have gone outside with it but battery life on stick packs is very short. 2s brushless whoops can have pretty wild throttle curves for indoors, the Mobula 7 needs that sorting out. Don’t know if Spektrum lets you mod the throttle curve on the TX.
Theres now a Newbee brushless as well, it’s on pre order, their last kit was great to work with. TBS also have an unusual whoop.
I have bought 4 of Happymodel’s micro releases, all have been really good. Not personally tried NewBee but there’s a few satisfied customers of theirs on here.


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Trashcan is not as good as the Mobula. The camera on the Mobula is not the best in the world but the Rachine one is worse. Mobula 6 has a better camera and VTX on it too, maybe look at Bardwell‘s reviews?
All Eachine quads are just rebrands of existing budget quads, they are not that good as a whole IMO.


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The Mobula quads all do DSMX versions.
Newbee stuff doesn’t look great. Really hard to find here tho.
They design there own flight controllers and are the only ones in the Tiny Whoop class that has active breaking like the big quads They also do there own tuning and offer different tunes the latest is Blubird, and you still can use Betta Flight if need be on there controllers.


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My autocorrect changed “does look great” to “doesn’t.” Shows what a sceptic I am in general haha!
I would love to try a Newbee drone but they are very expensive here in the UK.
The newer Mobula 7 may be hard to find, Chinas production of everything has suffered from the virus outbreak, you can’t get the Mobula 6 anywhere right now. The only way I know of ensuring you are not getting sold something else is to go to a proper FPV retailer not Ebay etc. This may entail waiting.
Be aware the 7 will need throttle curve reprogramming as a minimum, it’s not a great flier on the stock tune. You will also need a lot of batteries, the ones supplied with it are terrible. I use the 300mah 1s. URUAV ones from Banggood, they are a good price and work great. There’s no similar 1s packs around from other retailers at close to that price, it’s one of the few things I source there.