Tiny Whoop Beecore F3 with Turnigy Evolution Bind Issue


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Hi guys,

Not sure if this is where I should be posting but I've been working on a Tiny Whoop build for months now and can't figure out how to bind my Turnigy Evolution with it. I'm quite new to the hobby and have only successfully built a full size FPV Quadcopter, so this will be my first Tiny Whoop build.
When I plug it into cleanflight I can adjust all the main settings and even have power going to the motors, camera and the receiver but cant seem to establish a bind between the receiver and transmitter. I know reading up on it most Tiny Whoops don't work with the Turnigy Evolution, however I have seen some videos online of successful builds with it but there is not really any good tutorials on it online. I have tried changing the Ibus/SBUS settings and using the built in Bind on the FC board but cant tell if I maybe soldered things in the wrong spot or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm using the:

FC - Eachine Beecore F3 EVO Brushed
Receiver - FlySky FS-A8s
Transmitter - Turnigy Evolution


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You need to check wether the board is AFHDS or AFHDS2 as not all Flysky is identical. I don’t know if the TX allows you to switch between them.