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  1. BillyTheKid1138

    FT P-40 Flaperons / Differential Ailerons / Control Surface Throws

    I have just finished building the FT P-40 and have some radio set up questions. I see the recommend throws are 12 degrees. Will this be enough for rolls and loops and whatnot? More importantly, has anyone tried to use flaperons with this model? I want to try it but am curious if it has serious...
  2. Merck

    Flaperons and over driving a motor

    Information 1: I custom built a carbon fiber bodied, foamboard wing plane and it flys fast...because it is so heavy. Not a big deal except on landings. So I tried dialing in some flaperons and it gets really squirelly. I am using a Spektrum dx9 and setup flaperons. It is a pretty short...
  3. S

    flaperons w/ fs-i6

    Hello, just bought FlySky i6 and was wondering how to use it to get flaperons with a flyzone calypso. Tried numerous YT videos, no success yet. Any help?
  4. E

    Back on the sticks.

    Hi all, I'm just getting back into flying after a 10 year break. Just bought a Simple Storch and trying to figure out my 9xr after only having flown analog 35 Mhz before. I started off flying SPAD ( simple plastic airplane design) and scratch built all my planes. I have a lot of questions and...
  5. NuckNogAir

    Apprentice S15 Questions

    I bought the Apprentice and a DX6i transmitter. I am having extreme difficulty on the setup of this machine so far as getting it to fly like an intermediate plane. I currently have the flap switch setup to alternate between beginner and advanced modes but even switching the toggles on the...