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Spektrum DSM2 Users

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Electronics have to have voltage to work. When you deprive them of their proper voltage they start working. When people get the idea in their head that they have to have high torque digital servos that draw a lot of amperage and they are using a low amp bec on a park flyer airplane with a low mah battery to begin with, they are going to have problems. This is the only time I have seen a problem with spektrum stuff. Everyone I fly with here runs spektrum and we don't have problems. We fly ultra micros all the way up to big nitros and nitro helis. As long as you build your system properly, I have not witnessed or heard about anyone having problems.

As far as only being good enough for park flyers....

Here's Seth Arnold after winning the XFC invitational tournament in 2011, running spektrum equipment.
Seth Arnold.jpg

I'm not saying that there aren't lemons out there. Just saying you need to check your facts and check your equipment before condemning a brand. Sort of the old Ford/Chevy debate if you ask me.