Spektrum - Errors when loading models from SD card

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When troubleshooting my Radian XL 2.6m I discovered that DX6e would not allow the Radian to cause the ESC motor handshake beeping. I used my DX6 gen 2 and it would allow the motor to beep no issue. I downloaded the latest zip file from Spektrum of pre-made files and attempted to load the planes i have on to the DX6e. I got some errors like:
CarbonZ Cessna 10
93. 'Centertone' invalid section name
Blade 130
197.'Centertone' invalid section name
Blade Inductrix
8. "Multi" invalid enumeration
to name a few.
Any thoughts?


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The pre-made files are sketchy sometimes, and I've found differences between the recommended settings in the manuals and the pre-made files.

Honestly? i'd recommend setting it up yourself rather than using their settings.
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Thanks for your input. Perhaps I will do that. These are just odd errors. An email to Spektrum might be in order though.