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It's Offical!!

It's on their page.

If you participated in any way to order your certificate go their store page.

You will need to order a Certificate of Participation with the date of 7/16/2016 and Location of United States. You will be able to add your name to it once you are through the "adding to basket" function.

Updated 8/7/19: Just found this on the official GWR YouTube Channel.

Another amazing community activity resulting from willsonman's amazing work on the Gotha.

With the amount of participants in the Baby Barron (and now Baby Brit) Gotha Gaggle that has been forming the participants have grown to the 40 member mark which is over a third of the way to achieving a Guinness World Record of the most R/C Aircraft flying at once. This record is currently 99 and held by SEFF in 2008.

This thread is to begin the process of gathering information on people who would be interested in participating in the attempt to break that record. I will update with overall plans, status, and participant list as it is built. Please recommend additional steps in the plan or any additional information you may have to help make this a great success!

To Participate:

***Reimbursement Collection to Participate***
Flite Test was kind enough to pay the fee to get the application for the attempt fast tracked so that we would be ready for Flite Fest. That was a $800 fee they paid up front. To reimburse them for the cost we will be asking each pilot in the attempt to contribute $6 that will all go to covering that fee.

Everyone is welcome! Please respond to this thread if you are interested in being a part of the attempt. Please include your radio system protocol and aircraft you will be using. Keep in mind that to achieve the record all aircraft counted must remain in the air simultaneously for one full minute so plan on using a aircraft with decent flight time to allow for everyone to get airborne and to remain up. We will need more than the 100 needed to break the record to account for technical difficulties and mid-air collisions that may occur.

No FPV systems should be used by those participating in the attempt. All flights must be line-of-sight and the FPV frequencies will be reserved for Flite Test to utilize for the filming of the event.

Per GWR the participating air frame MUST be a aeroplane and not a multirotor.

Due to the high volume of aircraft that will be in the air a mid air collision may occur due to no fault of any pilot. Additionally with the higher probability than normal of a brownout/flyaway please choose an aircraft that you are willing to loose/damage.

Required Evidence:

Cover Letter: Form Letter to complete and provide with the evidence.

Schedules 2 & 3: Rights to the media.

Witnesses (min x2): We must have two witnesses to confirm that the event was completed and that everything that we said we did we did. They must not be affiliated with Flite Test or the event itself and cannot be related to anyone at Flite Test. They request/suggest officials from the community (city officials, judges, police officers, accountant, lawyer, or the like).

I suggest we attempt to get at least x3 but shoot for x4 committed to signing off as a witness to cover our bases in case one is not accept for some reason.

Stewards (min x3): We must have one steward (what we have called official counters) per 50 participants or less. I would suggest we go for the x4 as we have been planning as that will put about 30 people per Steward. They will be responsible for counting their group and ensuring they all complete the goal as outlined so far. They will have to document any one and the reason why they are not being counted.

Photographic: Straight from GWR:
Your photographs should:
• Show variety - Include photographs from various angles and positions, and ones taken at different
stages of the record attempt (start, during, end)
• Show a sense of scale - If your record involves a large gathering of people or a large object, you
need to capture its large scale in your image
• Capture the action - Aim to capture the participants in action and in the act of attempting the

They also request all parts of the attempt be covered: Preparation, Attempt, and Success.

Video: Again straight from GWR:
Your video evidence must show the entire record attempt, from start to finish. This is required for
all attempts, regardless of how long the attempt lasts.
° For ‘longest marathon’ record attempts, we understand that it may be necessary to change
batteries or tapes during the attempt, and for this reason you should have a second camera
to film while the first camera is not running.
° With attempts longer than one hour, you should make sure to mark significant moments in
the attempt. This can be done with chapters directly on the DVD, or you can provide us with a
list of the times in the video when these moments occur.
• The camera must focus clearly on the record attempt so that it is possible to accurately observe
and judge the record attempt.
• The video must clearly show the measurement of the record, e.g. participants being counted for
a mass participation record, or the weighing process for a large food item.
• Make sure to include all parts of the attempt relevant to the record guidelines. For certain
attempts, such as large food items, this may be preparation that takes place prior to the actual
measurement of the record.
• It is also recommended to provide a brief introduction to the attempt at the beginning of the
video, including your name or the name of the organisation attempting the record, Application
Reference number, and record being attempted.

This should start safely just before the Pilot & Spotter meeting to capture us going over the prep one final time and run through the final counts. As stated there will need to be one un-cut version that just streams through the whole event. As there will be a large space covered during this I feel having a few stationary cameras down the line will benefit us as well so that the can have multiple views into the attempt.

They welcome a cut version in addition to the above that would show the action more concisely and that they may use on the website (think FT video), but we must have the full uncut one for evidence.

The Plan:
Build a list of participants: Completed Updating from Event

Finalize Execution Plan: Completed

Involve Official Flite Test Member: SP0NZ has established this with Austin.

Contact Guinness Records: Approved - Record 160521033526mrma

Set Official Attempt Date & Time at Flite Fest 2016: Attempt will start on Saturday, July 16th at 1:00 PM. A rain-day option is held for Friday, July 15th at 12:30 PM based on forecast.

Break the Record!: 179!

Execution Plan:

Pre-Attempt Check List:
[] Complete Participant List Containing; Name, Phone, Address, and Type/Model of Aeroplane
[] Have Paid in for Flite Test Reimbursement ($6)
[] Stationary Camera locations Set up (West, Center and East on Flight Line)
[] Battery Fully Charged
[] Plane in Flight Condition
[] Know your Flight & Position on Flight Line
[] Have a Spotter Ready
[] UHF/72mhz Pre-Meeting to cross check frequencies

Attempt Schedule:
12:50: Stationary Cameras Reporting Started
01:00: Pilot & Spotter Team Meeting @ Center of Flight Line
____[] Review Plan & GWR Rules
____[] Distribute Flags (1)
____[] WiFi disable on phone or phone powered off
____[] Answer Questions
01:10: Pilots & Spotter Teams Head to Designated Area for Designated Flight Group
01:20: Flite Test Photo Op
01:20: Power On
____[] Transmitters on
____[] Plane (Receivers) on
____[] Pre-flight control surface test
____[] Flag up upon successful test
01:30: Launch
____[] Flight 4 Launch
____[] Flight 3 Launch
____[] Flight 2 Launch
____[] Flight 1 Launch
~01:33: Official Timer Starts
~01:35: Record broken!
~01:35: Land
____[] Flight 1 Land
____[] Flight 2 Land
____[] Flight 3 Land
____[] Flight 4 Land
~01:45: Flite Test Photo Op
~01:55: Retrieve Planes and Official Count (1)

Post-Attempt Check List:
[] Collect Written statements from Timekeepers, Witnesses, and Stewards
[] All Stationary Footage Collected

(1) Flag Protocol: Orange Survey flags will be issued one per Pilot & Spotter combination. These will be used to facilitate communication back to the Attempt Coordinator and to be used as official counting markers for successful flights. After the plane is launched and at any time comes in contact with the ground either via a mid-air or lockout the flag should be dropped to the ground and left there.

Once all flights are landed after the attempt flag should again be raised to be counted by the official counters.

Non-Pilot Positions & Names:
Event Coordinator/Announcer:
Witness 1: (Official)
Witness 2: (Official)
Witness 3: (Official)
Witness 4: (Official)
Timekeeper 1: (Experienced Timekeeper for local sporting/school events)
Timekeeper 2: (Experienced Timekeeper for local sporting/school events)
Steward Flight 1: (Volunteer)
Steward Flight 2: (Volunteer)
Steward Flight 3: (Volunteer)
Steward Flight 4: (Volunteer)

Participants x149:
DharanFlyer - Spektrum DSMX - FT Bronco
willsonman - FrSky ACCST - Mini Mustang
AkimboGlueGuns - Spektrum DSMX - Top Secret
localfiend - FrSky ACCST - Undetermined
SP0NZ - FrSky ACCST - Top Secret
0150r - FrSky ACCST - Bonsai Wing
BridgeInspector - Spektrum DSMX - Undetermined
krinaman - Spektrum DSMX - Undetermined
Rasterize - Spektrum DSMX - UMX Radian
HilldaFlyer - Spektrum DSMX - FT22
cvdmaverick - Spektrum DSMX - Undetermined
earthsciteach - FrSky ACCST - AirWing Surfer (Sky Surfer/Bixler)
shermanhartman - FrSky ACCST - R-14D Groundhog
Jimmyp - Spektrum DSMX - B.N. Versa Wing
Corbarrad - Spektrum DSMX - Custom
CrashRecovery - FrSky ACCST - Undetermined
CrashRecovery jr - Spektrum DSMX - Undetermined
offaxis - FrSky ACCST - FT Arrow
TheStig4449 - Graupner HoTT - Guinea Pig
themajik1 - Spektrum DSMX - Baby Baron
quadsview - Spektrum DSMX - Bloody Baron
Zipper - FrSky ACCST - Max Wedge (Custom Wing)
Cipher - FrSky ACCST - Max Wedge (Custom Wing)
mactek - FrSky ACCST - Undetermined
Julez - FrSky ACCST - Valkyrie
AlternateSource - Spektrum DSMX - Valkyrie
joker24458 - Spektrum DSMX - Undetermined
Mach60 - FrSky ACCST - FT Sportster/Slow Stick
DavidTheMan - Spektrum DSMX - Bloody Wonder
thatjoshguy - FrSky DJT - Fohdy
Mostly Harmless - FrSky ACCST - FT Explorer XXL
Mid7night - FrSky ACCST - Baby Brit/A-4 Skyhawk
Flyboypres - Spektrum DSMX - Cessie
allenajs - Spektrum DSMX - Undetermined
jindo12345 - Spektrum DSMX - Undetermined
Experimental Airlines (ExAir) - DragonLink UHF - Aircraft TBD
Balu - FrSky ACCST - Undetermined
uberjay - Spektrum DSMX - Top Secret
Rob D(LineTwist) - FrSky ACCST - Undetermined
jpleaner - Spektrum DSMX - Assassin Wing
jtbluefeather - 72MHz Ch.25 - Undetermined
jtbluefeather Sr - Spektrum DSMX - Tiny Trainer
Montiey - Spektrum DSMX - Versa Wing
bitogre - FrSky ACCST - FMS Fox Glider
jcannon614 - FrSky ACCST - Explorer/Baby Brit
BrendanD - FrSky ACCST - Scratch Build
mmerry2 - Spektrum DSMX - Bixler 1
AviationHobbies - Spektrum DSMX - Scratch Build
Njfoam - Flysky AFHDS - Mirage 550
WookOnWheels - FrSky ACCST - Mini Arrow
SkyCarcass - Turnigy - Undecided
FoamBender - Aurora AFHSS - Undecided
SwissFreek - FrSky ACCST - Radian XL
supercal - Spektrum DSMX - FT Flyer
smarts - EzUHF 433-435MHz - Illusion
EagleEye - Spektrum DSMX - Nut Ball/UMX Radian
Dave.E - FrSky ACCST - Versa Wing (Pink)
Senior12 - Spektrum DSMX - Undetermined
Papo_60 - Spektrum DSMX - Undetermined
Hemm_subhi - Radiolink AT10 - FT Explorer
savage2506 - Turnigy AFHDS - Bloody Wonder
Countrymlb - Spektrum DSMX - FT Versa Wing
Old Flyboy - Spektrum DSMX - Versa Wing
Techno - Spektrum DSMx - Undetermined
SebaVT - Futaba FASStest - Wing
adnaP - FrSky ACCST - Undetermined
birch147 - Spektrum DSMX - Sky Surfer
jakrabit - Spektrum DSMX - FT Flyer
gdsimmons - Spextrum DSMX - Radian
Weeball17 - Spektrum DSMX - Undecided
Weeball17 Sr - Spektrum DSMX - Undecided
Lautzy - Spektrum DSMX - Bloody Baron/Wonder
Battershell - Futaba S-FHSS - KFm2 Wing
ScottyZ - Spektrum DSMZX - Radian
320dude - FrSky ACCST - FT Flyer
b-29er - RMileC - Sea Duck 200%
Saddlebum - Spektrum DSMX - Sumo
TEAJR66 - Unknown - Undetermined
danwennberg17 - DSMX - Bixler
Craftydan - FrSky ACCST - Calypso
FoamieNinja - 431-433 mhz - Airforce None
Joker 53150 - FrSky ACCST - Mini Skywalker
Jeff Simon - Spektrum DSMX - Foamy
Geoff Dietz - Spektrum DSMX - Foamy
Johnathan Kaler - Turnigy - Explorer
Strix - Spektrum DSMX - Storch
Someidot - Spektrum DSMX - Bloody Baron
AceCamMaster - Spektrum DSMX - Bloody Wonder
Rcbif - Frsky ACCST - Undetermined
Eptic5 - Spektrum DSMX - Bloody Something
FroggerJon - Spektrum DSMX - FT-22
BEEMANS - Spektrum DSMX - Yak 12
jschragg - Spektrum DSMX - Storch
troy - Graupner - Tiny Trainer
BlazeFPV - FrSky ACCST - Guinea Pig
Janaki_Shivadas - Tactic - Undetermined
Matthartel2 - Spektrum DSMX - UndeterminedWing
sconner - Spektrum DSMX - Undetermined
AirTrafficJO - Graupner HOTT - FT Flyer
rcplaneboy1 - Turnigy - Bloody Wounder
PhenomPilot - FrSky ACCST - Bloddy Baron
RCPilot87 - Spektrum DSMX - Bloody Wonder
T-Bone FPV - FrSky ACCST - Assassin Wing
landedit - Spektrum DSMX - Bloody Baron
Michael763 - Turnigy - Baby Brit
gadgetmerc - FrSky ACCST - Bloody Wonder
uLightMe - FrSky ACCST - Explorer
Jam-ehz - FrSky ACCST - Bloody Baron
Gryf - Spektrum DSMX - Bloody Baron
F16V1PER - Spektrum DSMX - Weekender
Steven Bufkin - Spektrum DSMX - Flying Wing
Pie - FrSky ACCST - Undetermiend
globetrotter Bob - FrSky ACCST - Assassin
globetrotter Jordan - Spektrum DSMX - Swift
globetrotter Griffin - Spektrum DSMX - Slow Stick
raetron - FrSky ACCST - Undetermined
shaneman27 - FrSky ACCST - Anubis
John Christie - Undetermined - Undetermined
testtech13 - Spektrum DSMX - Undetermined
mike46060 - Spektrum DSMX - UMX Radian
rcflyco - Spektrum DSMX - Bloody Wonder
LeeflyWV - Spektrum DSMX - Bloody Wonder
FishOfPrey - FrSky ACCST - Undetermined
Hooked - Spektrum DSMX - FT3D
RcMatt - FrSky ACCST - Mini Guinea
Addison Battershell - Tactic - Sensei
Flying Hazard - Spektrum DSMX - Bix 3
MiguelAlvarez - Spektrum DSMX - Radian
Evan Kirkland - FrSky ACCST - Sport Cub
PEvans - Turnigy - Undetermined
Ethan_Ater - Spektrum DSMX - Step One
SkyCarcass - Spektrum DSMX - Radian XL
FoamBender - Turnigy - Bushwacker
Tim Lavender - Spektrum - Bloody Wonder
KuManChu - Spektrum DSMX - FT Flyer
seajones - Spektrum DSMX - UMX Carbon Cub
Nvr2Late - Tactic SLT - Mini Speedster
jimddddd - FlySky - Undetermined
Philip - Spektrum DSMX - Undetermined
Stig44 - Spektrum DSMX - Guinea Pig
twest1173 - Taranis - Bloody Wonder/Mini Arrow
Kasigrn - 400uhf Rangelink - FT Arrow
Marsmann11 - Spektrum DSMX - Tiny Trainer
Kanly - Futaba - Mini Guinea
Fidget - Spektrum DSMX - Tiny Trainer
Spitfire222 - Spektrum DSMX - Nutball
ScotyWarpNine - Spektrum DSMX - Dynaflite Wanderer
flyingj - FrSky ACCST - Mini Arrow
Merck - Spektrum DSMX - Bloody Wonder

Official Record Entry: http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/most-rc-model-aircraft-airborne-simultaneously

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I like 3D printers...
I'm in, dunno what I'll be flying for this yet still building planes for FF, but I'll be using a FrSky Taranis on ACCST.


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I'm in! If this happens during the dawn patrol / Gotha gaggle, my plane will change to a Baby Baron, otherwise...

Aircraft: Classified (Top Secret)
Tx/Rx: FrSky Taranis X9D / ACCST


FT CAD Gremlin
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FrSky Taranis on DSM2 for the the Gotha

Seriously?!? you will lose the Gotha running that protocol with that many planes in the air. I have plenty of experience with that at Flite Fest. One of the main reasons I bought my Taranis.


I'm in. I have bad luck with scratch building, so I'll probably be flying my 600mm Bonsai wing.

Using FrSky Taranis with a D4R-II on ACCST.
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There may be an effort to create a design to use specifically for the attempt, and/or a possible giant build night to construct the aircraft needed. More details to come. Please provide your thoughts on this as well.

100+ of the same airplanes would end really badly. Take your eye off for even a second and you are never finding your plane again.

In any case I'm in with something running DSMX.


Balsa Splinter Generator
Woo lets do this!
I'm in.
R-14D Groundhog (my own design)
FrSky ACCST (or DSMX if ACCST somehow becomes overcrowded.)