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Spitfire CG


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I searched and did not find comments on how exactly to check the spitfire cg. I saw Josh check it while the plane was inverted. That seems the easiest to me. I can't seem to balance it right side up due to it acting more like a pivot point and falling forward or backward with the slightest change. Using the spar as the cg point like the video recommended. What is up? How do you balance it?


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... How do you balance it?
I agree with Hanger, with any low wing plane, it's best to balance the plane upside down.

I use some scrap wood, usually 1x2 or 2x4, just drill a hole and stick in a BBQ's, cut it off at the apocopate height so the plane is a few inches above the workbench. Then use more scraps under the tail & nose to limit how far the plane can move. The idea is to let the plane move freely on the BBQ's when nearly balanced but limit the movement to keep it from falling off the stand. Once setup, you can move things around until you get the correct CG. I have found some tape may be needed to hold smaller items securely while balancing, like servos & Rx.