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Sportster Maiden Flight


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I took my Sportster for its maisen today. This plane is a credit to its designer. It's a really good fun-fly plane and very easy to fly. i had set it with maximum throws on all control surfaces. When I took off, it was almost uncontrollable, but I managed to get some height until I was able to throw the dual-rates switch to cut it right down, then it flew beautifully, though a bit boring for me, so I landed it and pushed the expo up to 70% on the ailerons, which tamed them right down. The rates set to 60% was perfect for take off, then with full rates, the plane came to life and was very controllable. On 3S with a 10x6 prop, it has a fair turn os speed at full throttle, and it can also be slowed down to nearly stationary in a slight breeze. This has to be the easiest plane to land that I've ever flown.

I'd say that it's a fair bit better than the 4 channel Simple Scout in that it's more controllable, especially at low speed, and it can turn tighter and do some silly manoeuvres, like "the cyclone", where you put it into a nose high up position in a tight bank, so that it flies like it's caught in a whirl-wind.

For my next visit to the flying field, the battery will go up to 4S and the C of G will be an inch further back. It's already further back than it should be, but I'm going to take it to the limit.

Thank you Flitetest for such a great plane. It only took me three evenings from start to completion. I recommend this model. Maybe not for beginners because it takes some experience to trim it out to the way you want it to fly, but if you set it up with the low rates and c of g position recommended, it'll probably be fine. Also, if you have an experienced flyer to do the maiden and trim it, you should be OK. It makes a perfect second plane after you can do reasonable stable control of a beginners plane.


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What? No vid? Dude! Party foul!

Anyways, I'm glad to hear it went so well. I'm looking forward to that one. Both the build and the flight. From the videos I've seen, it looks like it could be crazy fun to fly.