Solved Square to Round Nose Section using sheet metal bending plans.

I ran across some old diagrams I had downloaded a while back on how to make sheet metal tubes go from square to round. Then I remembered why I added them to my aircraft file folders. I was thinking about putting a round nose tip on an updated Guinea Pig nose section.
I just ordered two "SmoothFom" Half-Round recycled Styrofoam, one 2.3" X 4.3" and one 2.8" X 5.8" from a local craft store. (Love home delivery!) I also picked up some foam tools and a ordered a Hot Knife foam cutter. I might order another 2.3" X 4.3", since the bigger one looks like it might be to big for my idea.
"Mama Guinea" will have a 7.13" X 7.13" square fuselage.
I plan to first design the square to the tip half round, then cut the second half round into a quarter and inset it as the cockpit top, cutting the flat windows in with the Hot Knife. Then revamp the upper square to round to meet up with the back of the cockpit top. Should look something like an old DC-3 nose piece. Let me know what you think. Diagrams are in the works and will be posted here.