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Stable and fast fpv platform

I have seen many. Seems to me those flying wings have some kick to them. Their streamline and low drag design makes them optimum for fpv. The zephyr II has quite a fan base. The guys over at crashtestrc make nice wings. Mygeekshow on youtube built a good one called the raptor. I have a small teksumo 900mm wing i play around with short range fpv. She flies about 50-70mph depending how shes loaded so imagine how fast a larger wing would go. If your new to fpv, go with a bixler or skysurfer. They have always been a good starter platform. Wings are point and shoot. Stable when dialed in. I do believe the zeph has it all.


Rotor Riot!
The Bixler is relatively fast, but wings are more maneuverable at higher speeds. And they can take a hit! And another hit! And a hundred hits!
I just ordered a Rite Wing Zepher 2, it should be somewhere over the south pacific ocean at the moment, not because I lost signal at full throttle but because it's on it's way from America to Australia via post. Can't wait to get it in the air - I'll post an article of the build once I'm done. I just know I'm going to giggle like a school girl when it arrives :applause:
thanks for the reply guys I going to start with the bixler I already have but it is far from stabel I think I crashed it to much:rolleyes:
Fingers crossed they get your address mixed up with mine and send it here :D

What was the all up cost shipped to AU?
$55USD, a bit pricy I know but anything from US to AU is always pricy, I ordered an outdoor security camera last week from the US, one of those dome ones, and they originally quoted $98 postage for a 500g camera :eek: