Still up a tree


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In winter, biplanes ripen on tall trees.


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Models are removed quickly from such flexible trees. I bought 100 m of fishing line with a diameter of 1mm and tied it to a nut M 40, which I use a slingshot to shoot at the branches of a tree near the model. With a successful shot, I start to shake the branches of the crown and the model falls.You can train a cat by smearing a model airplane with sausage before flying or pouring valerian over it...However, it will be necessary to tie a rope to the cat: otherwise , neither the model nor the cat ...
You can register a new hobby direction. We decorate the tops of your trees with our models.)))


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I have yet to hit a russian olive, but it's bound to happen some time.
There were a couple of them overhanging my childhood home backyard. It was 1/3rd of an acre, and lovely to test Peanut Scale on calm evenings, but those branches did lurk, awaiting a chance to shred balsa and tissue models. This was late 70's into the 80's.