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Stills and Screencaps

I know it says vids but most of the time there is only 1.7 seconds of awesome in my 13 minute vids, so I screen cap these moments. If anyone else wants to post there stills please do. They must be awesome or interesting and include an aircraft in shot. Like the following examples. Perhaps add a short description of how the image was taken or the shenanigans involved.
Trainer Take Off.jpg
This is the club trainer taking off over a samsung galaxy taking video this one frame really sums up the entire clip.
First Streamer combat win time to gloat.jpeg
Me gloating after my first streamer combat victory.
My mates FT3D taking to the sky for combat.
AXN Launch.png
This is my other friend launching his AXN that I trimmed out for him and he then flew for the first time.
FT3D at 6 Oclock.jpg
FT3D mid combat shot of the back of my Bloodywonder using a keychain. 7 mins of motion sickness enducing footage all for this one frame.
Bloody Wonder vs FT3D.png
Pikachu with ribbon.png
An assortment of my bloodywonder from this weekend 05/12/13
Poor Lego Pilots.jpg
My mates lego pilots couldn't handle the G-force and they came back as legs only.
We searched for the torsos but they were lost to the sky.
Soaring with my flock. (Hobby King Walrus)
New Beith birds.jpg
Storm chasing. (Hobby King Walrus)
Best onboard vid of the day was of me shaking the plane out of a tree! LOL (FT-3D
Magpies hate my planes... (Hobby King Club Trainer)
FT-3D vertical hover. 1st flight after smashing the front end during streamer combat. (It has more patches than Gargamel's robe now).
Foamboard Mustang (RAAF paint job) with a plate wing, 500W 1100kv motor. 1st flight after breaking the spar doing a tight loop.
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Cheers NewZee. I had a static video camera shooting from the roof of my car. I took every forth frame as a snapshot using Corel Video Studio then used Photoshop Element's 'Photomerge' feature. I thought they looked pretty cool so thought I would share.