Stop EASA ending the hobby in the UK and EU


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EASA draft regulation could put an end to the hobby!
save the hobby! act now!

Video that explains the proposed EASA draft in detail -

Petition against to UK govement (only for UK citizens) petition (anyone can sign)

Sorry for the boring video and topic but this is a serious threat to the hobby in Europe and the UK


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It's some crap legislature that shouldn't have ever been dreamed up. I think the video that got put in the other EASA thread sums it up pretty well.


Signed it......I hate bureaucracy....Frank whittle had problems with it when he was developing the jet engine in the mid 30's! Nothing changes.... Band wagon MP's who cant solve the real problems in the world have to find something to get excited about anf then try and ban it!!! I'm surprised the rocket community haven't been attacked by crazy legislation too...


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From the google link above:

"Drones will be deliberately smashed into passenger jets as part of a radical testing programme triggered by fears of a catastrophe in British skies."

From my personal experience I know that if they will manage to do that, the result will be devastating. BUT: the key word in the previous sentence is: IF. I know the public will rant about the result of a crash; but nobody will say a word about how many tries it required to actually do the thing. That's the key in risk assessment calculations; but it doesn't sell well in media.

Or, they will do the crashing on the ground, which will neither provide reliable results, nor any data about the likelihood of the event.


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Jet motors are already subjected to seriious testing before they are even certified to be put on a plane let alone before its alllowed to power a plane... This is all government fear mongering to exert more control over its people and make more money after they fact by playing the good guy... OK we will allow you to have your toys IF you pay registration, pay to have it certified, pay to take a test to fly and then they smack you with the total shaft by mandating over priced insurance for policies that will NEVER pay out as they will find a way to not pay just like every other mandated insurance out there.

Show your politicians testing videos like this and Quote Eddie Murphy saying " Have a coke and smile and STFU"

This debate about drones and commercial aircraft is getting old.

Not to mention the speed and aerodynamics more then likely (barring the freak accident) wont even let a light "Drone" contact the plane and just blow it aside.