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Suggestions for light weigth "glassing" techniques?


I'm building a flying wing that has a fairly thin wingtip section. The airfoil shape and layout of the wing dictated the wing tapering in thickness to the tip. I was thinking about covering the wing with dryer sheets as a reinforcing fabric and Goop or similar product as the resin. Has anyone done this or something similar?


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There's a lot of people using water based polyurethane and various fabrics. I've used old dryer sheets as the "fiberglass".


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What is "dryer sheets"? I have found some explanations but nothing about the base of the sheets.
Glassing compared to covering is to me different in the way that glassing adds some strength for pressure and not only pull forces.
Old covering was paper, silk and nylon. The material had a lot of strength if you pulled it but not in the push direction.
Using 2-component epoxy to glass, carbon and Kevlar normally gets you a much stiffer result. Epoxy can be found in very low viscosity and the lightest glass does not add so much weight.