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Sun Poly was leaning against the sofa smoking


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Yu Bin lowered his voice, cheap hockey jerseys, this time, said: "Your last year has been on the outside do not know. Fact, China's old closing Jie make disciples, the old Liu is opposed He said that the country team is more than a good environment, but why are the Chinese old play what apprentice chef of the same old. said Jie so good seedling, and if so the old Hua Yang bad, but is fraught with so Jie returning a small team, the old Liu let him participate in the competition is to want to see the hole Jie in the end to learn how well, if not good, it would have said the head. fact, there are so breath, but the old Liu also is to take things too hard., Su Yu not worship you as a teacher of what? matter if you not handled well, so Su Yu in Beijing, you are entitled to when not a master, but also good, old Liu saw Su Yu to do with saw Po-like, certainly not ill-treat him. "

Ma Xiaochun continue to fan the flames: "Oh, Su Yu that kids can be really good, even Wang Jue Sun light, polyethylene money, so the first chess can win. Laonie Yu Bin and I qualified shallow, and the old Liu said on the words of the people throughout the Chess where also so the few you help ~ ~ ~ ~ Yes, I have an idea. "Ma Xiaochun sudden look of Shinto expression.

Yu Bin aroused, said: "What idea? Said to listen to."

Nie Weiping also a little anxious, I thought Su Yu never let the old Liu because "the same old problem was lured away from his hands, and asked:" What? "

Ma Xiaochun, said: "This squad practice game does not move it. wholesale authentic nfl jerseys, Do not just want to see old Liu Jie with the Chinese old learned what? It's still easy to get, Su Yu did you get two people to fight a so let the old Liu to take a look at the competition between the two disciples as long as the next well, the old Liu also can not say what such Jie would not participate in the squad race, Su Yu to Beijing on justifiably go Laonie that had to be honest, Jie strength far in what is now the country less above the group of children with Chang Hao that far to hit the four-month cycle Practice purely boring. country the team, and his next, it would certainly lose. Jie also long not chess., Yu Bin intend to access the old class in China, nurture him in a couple of days ago I see Yu Bin's playing style is very suitable for quiet Jie. Laonie, you say? "

Nie Weiping mused, saying: "Yes, but this game have to wait for a given segment in August race I'll go and old Liu said, let him wait a few days. Anyway, do not delay. Jie Yu has decided to Bin away, do not worry about what the old Liu said, Well, I went and old Liu said, the next game of chess, take a look at the master took out the apprentice is not not let Jie and Su Yu.

Nie Weiping stood up to leave, suddenly and like to think of it what stopped the two people said: "I come to you today is something almost let you to toss forget."

Nanjing the Haotian Go school.

Su Yu heard Bai said Coulee won Mangxiang the game go over there in the past. authentic nfl jerseys, Far Su Yu will be able to see the Coulee wanted to laugh and not laugh, round face packed almost deformed face.

Su Yu brisk walk in the past, also face flushed He said: "Thank you for your guidance." And then took the head of Coulee Kudan. Coulee hastened the bow He Kudan said: "Thank you guidance."

He Kudan took off his glasses, Kazakhstan breath while wiping edge sigh: "Alas, the old, the young people really pushy Ah those of us old guys, it seems, really can not lah. Well, come, let's fupan it. "Then wear glasses, his eyes slightly, to explore starting a chess game and Coulee.

Su Yu has ended here, told cry, to see Li Mingming dish. Went to Li Mingming behind her head in meditation, he saw Zhao Jie, also was standing by, then whispered: "Zhao Jie, how you did and your parents more than chat, but went here to see chess?" Zhao Jie said: "No, they talk to them over there and Uncle Chen Zhao Shushu it and they can not speak, so he Laikankana." Su Yu knock. said: "Keep it down, do not bother people playing chess. "Dayton, said," you come to a moment, and think how the situation? "Zhao Jie frowned, said:" Although Yang four more left hand, but the situation is still bad in Li Mingming. less likely to point of destination, you little bit of it and see how to in the end. "

Su Yu nodded, wholesale jerseys from china, silently calculating both mesh. After a child, raised his head and said: "Li Mingming disk behind 3-4 purposes like Yang Sec of playing strength is very high indeed left hand."

Su Yu finished these words less than 5 minutes, probably Li Mingming also seen the gap between themselves and four investment sub-recognized negative.

Su Yu and Yang, Sec I said "Thank you guidance" after leaving Li Mingming, and Yang Sec complex disk, went to the front, so the result of Zhaoxing Xuan cloth. He himself went to the office looking for professional players have. While dinner professional player who can not quibble, after all, the the Haotian brand is propped up by career have come.

Wang Jue and money big light race office in Sun polyethylene and Zhao Li. When visiting mission, two of them playing chess in the office.

Su Yu walked into the office, see Zhao Li are listening to a phone.

Sun Poly was leaning against the sofa smoking. Office the middle stands a game of chess.

Come see Su Yu, authentic nhl jerseys , Zhao Li beckoned him over to listen. Su Yu took the handset, Nie Weiping hear a familiar sounding voice: "Su Yu?"

Replied: "Yes, the teacher I was Su Yu Su Yu."

Nie Weiping said: "Su Yu, now go back and tidy up the luggage."

Pack? Doing? "Su Yu asked, puzzled.

Nie's voice sounds a little less natural, Su Yu even imagine the handset side of the teacher is not physical discomfort: "Su Yu A, tomorrow the Chinese Chess Lin back to pick you up in Nanjing, you to Beijing a trip. "

Su Yu surprised a moment, asked: "go to Beijing? Teacher, what do you want?"

Nie Weiping coughs and says: "~ ~ ~ ~ ah, the teacher gave you ~ ~ ~ scheduled games had intended to participate finish given segment race, and to the longer than ~ ~ ~ a something, so you'd better tomorrow to come. "