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Super cheap OSD help


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So I have recently been doing a lot of research into OSD or On Screen Display systems. Being a broke college student just getting into FPV, and also in quad rotors, I would not like to have a new quad crash because of low voltage. I would also like to take very good care of my lipo's so this brings me to my point. Has anyone ever seen an OSD that not only measures the voltage, but also the current for under 30$? I have noticed a gap in functionality between the 20$ and 80$ OSD's and none of the lower ones' have a current display. Would anyone like to point me in the right direction? GPS, heading, co-ordinates, and everything else, are not very important to me. I would just like current, voltage and capacity expended. Thank you so much!
Google Remzibi "poor mans osd"....beware though of the white board ebay knock offs. Should be noted, current draw feature is IMO sorta a "bells and whistles" thing. No matter what brand OSD across the board they tend to be fairly inaccurate, plus if i have a timer and calibrated main battery voltage knowing when to land is a piece of cake. Look at HK E-OSD if you are willing to do without current draw.
So, this may be a dumb question, but if I were to purchase the 100amp and the Simple OSD to go with it, would it automatically show the amp draw and the mAh? Or would that be something to configure?

Also as a side note, if I do decide to use the gps module with it. Could an Ardupilot and this share the gps module, or do they need separate modules?
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