Help! Super Newbie Help! Connecting/Troubleshooting Spektrum DXe transmitter and 20 amp ESC (Power Pack A)

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Hello out there anybody. Looking for some guidance on how to successfully connect my Spektrum DXe transmitter and Flite Test 20 amp ESC (Power Pack A). I was able to successfully 'bind' my transmitter to the Specktrum AR620 receiver, and I tried the throttle calibration and it proceeded normally, I heard all the beeps, and I went from full throttle to zero throttle during the beeps, and everything seems like it worked ok, but then I could not get any throttle response after this. I've watched several youtube videos but I'm not sure where else I can get good information or troubleshooting info. The first time I tried this, the engine turned very slightly but then its been no movement since then. My battery is fully charged. I have a multimeter. Maybe I can test the components? I'll also try to find the full manual for the DXe and AR620 online and try to read them. Thanks for any help! This is going on a Tiny Trainer that working on with my kids. I grew up doing Free Flight Old Timer Balsa stuff with my Grandpa when I was a kid, so I have no RC experience!


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Do you have everything connected to the right channels on the receiver and the signal wire ( white or yellow ) usually up on Spektrum . After you bound the receiver did you unplug and turn off transmitter pull bind plug then turn on transmitter first then plug in receiver. To calibrate ESC plug in receiver, transmitter throttle all the way up turn on transmitter wait for 1 beep then lower throttle.


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Don't do anything with the prop on.

Can you make any servos move? If not then you are not bound. Sometimes the ESC will beep, indicating the Rx is not receiving a signal.


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You may have your throttle cut on. Its the bottom right hand 2 position switch at your finger tips, says throttle cut arm/disarm on the tag. push it to the down position