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RCINFORMER has made pretty good content, but I think he could use the input of some concrete examples and graphis/video content of what might be lost if the FAA adopts proposed regulation.

My suggestions to him are limited, but I feel with the great examples your program might demonstrate, and other great resources that FliteTest, Nurk, Bardwell, and others could provide to this and other respected citizens. Great gains might be made that might promote the good purpose of model aviation. Time is short, but I feel this community, and you and these leaders has the ability to do much.

The following is my response to his content regarding my thoughts of how he might better present multirotor, FPV, freestyle,racing and close proximity fpv wing flying.
I want to paste this to many RC sites, Channels, and groups, but I am asking if we can get some assistance with your graphics as they represent Multirotor racing, freestyle and wing fpv flying that is close proximity. Most of us/these fly low, fast and not any further away than you fly and if we do use flight control it is used for safe and controlled return to home at safe altitudes in the case of disorientation because of video breakup similarly to LOS disorientation and failsafe/proprogramed landing that can happen to LOS fliers. Long range/beyond line of site is a whole other pursuit, but one which has a place, even as a recreation but requires another level of safety to avoid the possibility of collision. Some of these technologies are available now via Ardupilot Mission planner and ADS-b integration into Mission Planner at the ground station and BVLOS craft. Also setting aside test range like areas for training, recreation, and superior ground station locations such as some universities utilize. You have done a great job here and I appreciate your open mind and experiences and I sure would like to see you team up with some of the the great resources like Flite Test, AMA, Schools like IC Aeronautics, , Other channels, and other well visited/followed and respected folks in our RC communities.
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Thank you for your consideration,
Robin Bayer RN. RC builder/flier since youth
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Preview YouTube video Model Aviation, Drones & the FAA Part 1 Recommendations for the FAA By: RCINFORMER

Model Aviation, Drones & the FAA Part 1 Recommendations for the FAA By: RCINFORMER


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