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Pumpkin drop event

Swappable fleet on the way

More additions

I've got a couple more additions to the swappable fleet...

First is Zazu, from the Lion King, taken from Otto Deiffenbach's plan and modified to be a swappable.
Wingspan: 814mm
Length: 696mm
AUW: 183.5g
Zazu uses my 2S power pod (290g thrust) and has independent ailerons and a v-tail.

Second is a witch on a broom, taken from the Hip Pocket Aeronautics Builders' Plan Gallery--also modified to be a swappable.
Wingspan: 452mm
Length: 1017mm
AUW: 282.4g
The witch uses my 3S pod (455g thrust).

I've got one more time-limited project, then I can finish off the P-51D and GeeBee R3 swappables.

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Wow, those are some awesome builds. Even the witch and the bird. So cool. I built a Mig-3, but haven't had a chance to maiden it yet. Super cool, keep us posted on further builds and flights.
Sometimes I just need a distraction...

I felt that I needed a distraction after watching the gang over at spocktra50 on YouTube having so much fun with their radjets/funjets so I had to make a swappable.

Here are some sneak peak pics--I still have a bit of work to do...


Wingspan: 527mm
AUW: 210.8g (including 2, 2S 500mAh LiPos)

Yes, I know that the prop is on the wrong way for a pusher. I used an existing power pod to figure things out during the build. I'm building a specific pusher pod.

The plans (not my design) are available if you google "Prime Jet 8"--I know it's rude to link to another forum. I also transfered 1/3 the height of the vertical stabilizers to below the main wing and added control surfaces to the trailing edge of the canards--because I'm crazy.

I have the canards neutral (disabled) by default and enable them with the GEAR switch on my Turnigy 9x.

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It's always nice to cross projects off my list.

The Prime Jet is completed:

And nearly completed is my most detailed scratch build to date, a P-51D Mustang:
Name: The Fat Lady
Wingspan: 606mm
AUW: 208.2g (with Zippy Compact 3S 500mAh 25C LiPo and 3S pod)
Wing cube loading is 14.23 so it'll be a fast flyer. I'll fly the MiG for a bit before trying this one.

I have to reprint the tail markings--they were way too large on the initial print.
I'm waiting until spring (or until the snow is gone) to maiden her, but I couldn't wait to post a picture. There's a nasty foam scraping ice layer over the snow that has taken chunks out of my packing-tape covered Old Fogey.

Slightly more detail is available on my RCGroups blog--same username as here.

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After watching Mark and folks over at spocktra50 (YouTube) fly a Durafly Retro Series Junior around, I just had to build one--swappable of course.

Reading the threads on my normal forum haunts I discovered that with such high dihedral, the ailerons are essentially ineffective. So I decided to build 2 wings: a high dihedral wing without ailerons; a lower dihedral wing with ailerons.

The result is the Junior 700

Wingspan: 706mm (high dihedral wing), 712mm (low dihedral wing)
AUW: 195g (high dihedral wing), 207g (low dihedral wing)
Power: 2S pod

Video of the high dihedral maiden is up on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRgzwnlwJJc) and should be done processing soon.

The Junior is my new 3-channel favourite, replacing both of my FT Old Fogeys. Of course my v1 Fogey will still be the winter flyer and the v2 Fogey will still be my 'new maneuver' trainer, but the Junior is the most 3-channel fun I've ever had. I look forward to many, many more flights with the Junior.

My build list has changed a bit over time. Once I get the 2 planes (Gee Bee R3 and A6M Zero) that are already on my bench done, I'd like to build a Blohm & Voss Bv-141. There are 16 other planes on my build list now--gonna need to buy more foam.

Thanks Ron B.

It's not about winning adamd and certainly don't give up. I'm just having fun and like building almost as much as I like flying--okay, just as much.

I've built 26 planes so far (16 I still fly regularly), so I ought to be getting fairly decent at it by now.

With the wife and daughter gone for Easter weekend, I got quite a bit of work done on the Gee Bee R3...


Having a look at the picture, darn is that ever a sexy plane.

Now there's just a final layer of foam putty to put on then I can paint and start having some Gee Bee-licious fun. I have another few days of "me" time coming up next week. Hopefully I can get to my LHS before then to pick up the paint I need (white and metallic blue Tamiya sprays).