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Tam5 First RC Transatlantic Flight


I don't know if anyone has already mentioned this, but its regarding the Tam5 model RC plane that flew across the Atlantic from the east coast of north America to the west coast of Ireland. It was an amazing achievement for its time. It was a gas powered plane and the technology at that time was far from what we have now.
If there is anyone who has never heard the story of Tam5 then here is a YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q20uRLcvKjM

There is lots more information on this amazing project on the web, but this video gives you a little taste. If you have not heard of this amazing achievement then you will be amazed with the story of the Tam5

Cheers Guys.
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I had zero clue what TAM5 was. Maybe edit the title with more description as this is interesting and you would get more people to click if that was done. Thanks for the link I am watching it now.
Wow, that’s quite a feat. Well, now I want to break that record! I’m sure it can be done, especially with the newer tech we have.


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Wow I did not know this had been done. Interesting video, although I wish they had gone more into how the system worked and the airplane specs like fuel consumption. Or maybe they want to keep that a secret to protect their record. With the new flight controllers and the solar powered builds that have been popping up it will probably be fairly easy to repeat the flight, or go even longer distances. I'm not sure if anyone is interested in that nowadays and/or if the laws allow for it anymore.


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Thanks for bringing this up. I followed it back when it was happening. Always thought it was a great accomplishment that was never recognized.


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Thanks for the extra info Taz. Not too different from what we have today, except they were ahead of their time.
Thanks for that link TazRC. Your correct Winglet, it should have been more recognized. I am glad that some of you have now had a chance to read and view this accomplishment.

Technology today is just so advanced and seems to double its power every year, so its saying that, its just amazing that this could be done in 2003 when things like brushless motors, gyros, stabilization systems and most electronics were nowhere near the advanced stage they are now. Look at the price of our RC electronics today. They are so affordable, but I bet the TAM5 electronics in 2003 cost a lot of money.

I remember Josh Scott jokingly saying in a FlighTest video, "you just open the box and it fly's right out". Seems to going that way...LOL