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Help! Taranis X9D Plus Programming Help :(

Hello everyone! Happy to be back in the hobby after a very long absence. Boy how times, radios, planes and costs have changed since the 90's! I've been trying to 're-train' myself using an old Gentle Lady and junker Airtronics radio. I recently bought 2 new planes (ASW-28 and a Phoenix 2400) along with a Taranis X9Dplus. Flying the GL is going well but programming the new transmitter is kicking my butt. I'm looking for some simple easy to follow programming instructions. Thanks for any help and ideas?
Thank you all very much. I may conquer the Taranis yet!

I’ve started a FB group called: Columbia RC Soaring Society

Not much there yet, so please feel free to join in 👍Who knows it might develop into something?


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I like Project Blue Falcon for the basics. Also it’s much easier to set things up with Open TX companion than through the screen and buttons, if you have a computer.