Team Luftwaffe airfield/factory (FTFC'18 WWII group)


Skill Collector
I love that logo!! It looks amazing!! :applause:

How would you feel about us using that logo for the overall challenge and not just this team?


Wake up! Time to fly!
I'll +1 the logo for the entire series as well. :applause: Nice work specially P.S.'d onto the old time picture. Looks like its supposed to be there hehe.

Thank you very much for the great response to the FTFC 2018 logo, which I received in various ways - I am very happy about that! :D In addition, I have now created a version with a white Outline, which should stand out better on colorful backgrounds.

Here now both versions of the logo:

File formats: *.png
Image sizes: 1134 x 1134 px

How to download as original file:
1. mouse left-klick the image to open the image-view window
2. mouse right-klick the image in the image-view window
3. select "save image to ..." from menu
4. ...

FTFC 2018 Logo without Outline

FTFC 2018 Logo with white Outline