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Tech One Angel CoG

I received this plane some timeback and have had some flights with it, I love it, but I can't get the CoG right.
I have tried to balance it, using the 82-90mm CG point from the trailing edge. I got to a 1800 nanotec lipo, and still it was tail heavy, and figured I must be doing something wrong. I see other people fly it with a 1350 and 1500 lipo and that hits the CoG on the spot, but I must trim plane to fly straight, and that don't make a good 3D plane.

I used the hobbyking 9g orange servos but that shouldn't make that big of a difference and that tail heavy.

Any hint or tips to make this plane in the spot of CoG? I can't fit and shouldn't need a battery bigger then the 1800 mAh.

But it also suggests a 1000mAh lipo. That makes it waay tail heavy. Even with a 1800 pack it is tail heavy.
I havn't seen anyone putting lead in the nose to balance it. A larger pack then a 1800 won't fit.