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tell ya what guys

ESC's don't half go PFFFFFFTTTTT and then smoke and burn when you plug it in to the wrong connectors..:mad::mad::mad::mad: , the shrink tubing that was loosely fitted over it fitted like a glove by the time realization kicked in on me....;);).

Started a new x-copter build last night... and today I decided to shorten the wires from the old Tricopter ESC's and rewire the new one that I bought this week.. I was in the process of checking the old ESC settings on the program card when I stupidly plugged the red power connector to the black and vice versa for the other cable.. methinks the large blue flash should have fired off a warning to my fuddled old brain.....but NO! I kept on going and that is when I fried the ESC... ah well.... back to HK for more parts.... will try and get a build log up and running.....if I can remember that is...:cool::cool::cool::cool: