Mad Max Steam Punk FT Scout?

My kid and I recently discovered FT. We have built a few planes now and we wanted to build something that would be good to learn on but also fun. So we built the FT Simple Scout, but we made some mods and went with a Mad Max Steam Punk schema. We hate having the servos inside the fuselage so we stole an idea from someone we saw online and put them in a rumble seat behind the pilot. The pilot makes this look like a monster! Haha. We built FT foam wheels for our bumpy runway but made them skinny to go with the retro look. I modified the landing gear with multiple reinforcements as we are newbie pilots and it takes a lot of abuse. You can see the ME109 inspiration. I don’t know where we saw the ace of spades but we thought it looked cool so we went with it. A friend is 3D printing some machine guns to finish it off. I hope you enjoy seeing our take on a classic FT plane. We enjoy seeing your interpretations and mods.


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