Thank you for FF23


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Like Minds Merv! I was going to make the same post myself. This is my third trip up, but it has been 5 years since my last FF.

FT, and the Red shirts did an awesome job coordinating everything, and there was a lot more orange shirts than in the past.

Great times and memories! Looking forward to next year's FF which being the 10th year should be one heck of a good time!


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Thank you to all of the FT staff and volunteers for a great time at FF23.
What a tremendous success.
Chris from Delaware here,
I was usually found at the east gate, (Lee Rd.) greeting guests and vendors and helping everyone make their way on the property, be it to vendors row, the flight line or their camp site.
It truly is my pleasure to be able to help out.
For me volunteering at Flite Fest means a lot. It brings me great joy to greet people from all over the country and world at the gate. I have shared many great short stories while greeting. The excitement and happiness in everyone's eyes is palpable and infectious.
I love meeting people to begin with but greeting people and families who are excited and happy to be at Flite Fest, even if our greeting is brief the happiness is cumulative and at the end of my day or shift (which sometime ends up an all day shift (not because I have to but because I just get caught up in it)) I sit down genuinely happy.

Here is just a little bit of how some greetings would usually go;
Hello welcome to Flite Fest!
(Some times I will put on a goofy face and instead of a normal greeting I would ask some thing ridiculously funny like HI! are you here for the international penguin festival?!?)
I'm Chris from Delaware!
Where did you travel from?
Are you flying or just here to watch?
-to the pilots- Are you going to be crashing?
What kind of plane do you have to fly and crash?
Kids seem to be more proud to share what they have built and have to fly than adults.

Then I get to the business side of greeting, finding out if they are camping or just in for the day, then explaining the registration process and saying goodbye then passing them on to the next volunteer who will help them get to where they are going.
Something you get to do as a volunteer is take a step back and watch the event going on, and know you did something to help make it happen.
To me it is a satisfying and heart warming feeling and it comes back every time I watch a video about Flite Fest.
You don't have to dedicate an entire day to volunteer, even just one shift helps.
If you don't want to miss any flying time you can always volunteer to help set up or break down.

Flite Fest would not happen were it not for our wonderful extended family of guests.
MERV, JFC24, LitterBug, Squashymoon125, Thank you.