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That awesome moment

Mike oxbig

15% nitro is my cologne
You gotta love that feeling when everything clicks and you get that feeling of accomplishment.

Let me explain what I'm talking about. Over the winter I rebuilt a trex 450 SE I had bought at an auction. I converted it to fbl with a microbeast and a rjx head. This is my first attempt at fbl and there was a bit of a learning curve. I had not flown this SE previously when it was flybarred. Its been a frustrating couple of months of trying to dial in the beastx and track down worn parts.

Tonight though I took the heli out and flew five full packs without a glitch, breakage, or issue at all. The heli felt locked in, it was smooth and responsive with no bad tendencies. Before I knew it I was flying faster and farther than I have ever done! I actually had the confidence to do some fast forward flight and figure eights. Before now I had not progressed past hovering orientations and slow circuits. Im hoping the weather stays good so I can fly tomorrow too.

Post your awesome moments too if you guys want


Rotor Riot!
I had that today, with the simulator. Both Helicopters and big 3D gassers. I did crash, but not as much as I usually do. But boy, I hate those trees in AeroFlyPD!


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I had an awesome moment today! I went to the local park to maiden my Parkzone Icon A-5 and I was super nervious about it. I had a great flight with it until I had to land it. It was a small area so I has to do a lot of circles to land. About 10ft off the ground, the plane tip stalls. I.give it full power and full up elevator and level out the wing. Right then,it touched the ground for a picture perfect landing. It was awesome, and it is in one piece!!


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You're right it doesn't get much better... Still learning with the heli I remember my first successful forward flight... Had the Mcpx out Tuesday flying big circuits... I can rip up the sky with that little thing... I gotta get over that fear of tearing up the 450.

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I have had a couple of those moments when things suddenly click. My first flight with my nitro cub, the time I suddenly felt comfortable enough with my Blade 400 to start doing high speed laps, right after my first flip with the 400, hoping to have a few of those with the nitro heli I'm working on now.


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Do some flips Mike, the adrenalin makes the moment better!

Right up there for me would be my first blade scrape with the mcpx.