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The adventures of Lobster Mash and Glydr: Slope soaring up Kambah


How many letters do we ge
So I'm driving to the carpark (which is really just a siding to the road) below a mountain near Kambah which is Canberra's best known site in a southerly. I'm in a bit of a hurry as I know that Lobster Mash is waiting for me. I look at the trees bending in the wind, is it a bit too strong for maidening my new NCFM Moth? Arriving at the last intersection I get _another_ red light, but I'm able to glance across and see where Lobster Mash would have parked.

The first thing I notice is a HK Atom bouncing around in the wind over a grassed area at the foot of the hill, and some goose flying this lightweight, brushed motor parkflyer in the gale! Only Lobster Mash would have that much faith in that little thing. Lucky for him I have a spare Windrider Beevolution in the boot.

After a bushwalk to the top LM and I enjoy a good afternoon's slope soaring. The NCFM Moth performed brilliantly (and the cameraman didn't do a bad job either). I can see why some people say that the Moth is the best foam slope wing available; my battered old Beevo felt like some lumbering great truck compared to the Ferrari performance of the Moth. And most would know that the Beevolution is an absolutely brilliant slope wing (though mine has seen better days!).





Last photo - the battered old Beevo!


Rotor Riot!
Awesome, I have only managed to do sloping once, up in the mountains. Everything else seems to be too shallow... except for this one place I haven't flown yet ;)

Foam Addict

Squirrel member
Nice pics, better flying!
I envy people with a nice slope with no pine trees in the way!:D
I just had a nasty intro to sloping, I was flying my mini Zagi clone on the hill behind my house, and the wind went from calm to 20 mph sustained, with gusts to 45. The wing couldn't descend except at a 30 degree down angle. It finally looped over my head and landed on my roof.:mad:
It currently is impaled on an exhaust pipe of some sort, so no blow will get it off.


Propaganda machine
Was a fantastic afternoon of flying. Obtaining a slope wing became very high on my priority list. Then I got some RC cash for my birthday today, and found a buddy code for the 48" Bee2 on Hobbyking. A whopping $17 odd off if you can find one!

I've got about 10 standard servos just sitting there doing nothing.


How many letters do we ge
<slaps forehead>

Totally forgot! Happy Birthday!

(Or is that a whopping $15.30 off if someone gets the maths wrong??)