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Fighting the corona blues, decided to engineer a frankenplane. Using techniques from Experimental Airlines, I created the fuse from "Noob Tubes". The boom slides into the forward fuse (which made it easy to get the CG right during construction). Tail feathers and wing are from the FT Explorer. I break a lot of props (crash) landing on grass, so I placed the motor in a box above the fuse and framed it in with foam. Covering is colored packing tape. I have bad vision and Essential Tremor so a big slow plane is about all I can fly these days.

9x4.5 prop on a Flight Test Radial "C" motor
7 amps pulling 20 oz thrust on a 2200 ma battery
Scratch built (from plans) FT Explorer wing expanded to 60 inches, 8 in chord, for 480 sq in
Tail feathers are FT Explorer
All up weight (including battery) is 26 oz giving wing loading of 7.8 oz per sq ft.

Waiting for weather to get it in the air!


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I bought the FT Explorer, used the kit parts to trace out my own copy, but my tremor just will not allow the sort of precision required to build their fuse square and true. This worked for me.