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The Boyz


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Met this bunch of addicts a few months back. The West Kootenay Model Club. A MAAC club. Pete, on the right in the blue cap, refers to me as "The Flitetest Guy."


A few of the guys only run gassers but several run electric and gas. Tom, the guy hunched over the plane, only runs electric. He's just crashed his FT Founder's Plane into the top of several 40 foot ponderosa pine. Battery ejected through the motor as he didn't have it velcroed down. He mentioned it pre-flight and I offered him some velcro but he brushed me off. Thing took a beating.

Harold, guy with his hands on his hips, had issues with the nose gear on his gasser bending to the side and duffing his prop on takeoff. Last weekend, he tore the back landing gear off his plane. The boys rallied. Tom found a small bolt and put it through the coiled spring on the nose wheel. Tightened it up. Harold flew and was stoked. Never said as much but you could see it in his body language.

Tom's plane, post crash. Heavily modified and overpowered. A guy who started in gas and balsa and has moved to electric and foam planes. Some FT. Other's kits. I can tell already I'm gonna learn a ton from this guy. Wish I'd taken photos before it crashed.






Never flown a plane with wheels and said I have to build one of these planes. Pete said, "Jim. Build an FT Cub. Better place to start."

Roger that.