The 'duck is back


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Well after a long wait, the Seaduck is back and now all painted and looking good. I took about 2 flights with it (uncolored) before turning it over to my father-in-law who really wanted to paint it and detail it for me. Well life happened , the wife and I had our first baby and my father-in-law/mother-in-law purchased a new home so the Seaduck sat for a while untouched. But now she is finished, painted, and ready to take flight again in 2019.


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wish we had some water around here, i really want to build and fly a sea plane. guess that's a downfall when you live in the dez.

very cool plane. looks good.

me :cool:


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Awesome! Did I ever mention how much I love the duck! Only issue with mine is I have flown it so many times it is showing its age... all of 4 months old and 50+ flights in.


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Thanks everyone! Should be thanking my father-in-law since he did the painting/detail.

Interesting story...after I got the build part completed I was extremely anxious/excited to go fly it. I was also right in the middle of a pretty decent sinus infection (I tend to get them sometimes). So here I am at the field, somewhat miserable from my sinuses and excited to fly the Duck. Charged my batteries while at the airfield and did my CG check (I hadn't done the CG check yet). In the process of the CG check, the battery slipped forward and fell inside the had to fish it out. That was an experience lol. Once I got it out and knew my battery location for CG, I hooked her up and prepared for takeoff. The one club member that was there was offering to hand launch it for me, but I told him it was ok for grass takeoff. Gave her some throttle and away she went. Flew very nice and easy kinda like a trainer. Did a few basic rolls, just some oval circuits, and that was pretty much it. Still coughing my head off during the experience. Unfortunately I didn't capture any video...and probably for the best since I was under the weather. Another unfortunate thing too was that I didn't really fully try out the differential thrust. I remember applying it during a turn and I remember how smooth it looked (and could even hear the motor noise as it was doing it). But that was the extent of me trying it out. So no crazy flat spins yet. Just some basic flying/maneuvers. But like I said, very nice easy flying plane...and it looks cool. :cool: Hopefully next time I fly, I'll have a camera and won't be sick.