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The face of RC. Needed?

I posted this out on FB (Protecting Our Rights for FPV), which is kind of misleading because flying isn't a right but I get it. I wanted to get you (Flitetest) opinion.

{I think we need a face, a spokesperson for the movement to protect out rights to fly. Long standing battles historically have an identity tied to them, Charlton Heston for the NRA, Martin Luther King for civil rights and so on. They were the go to person, the face of their cause when the media came knocking. They were knowledgable and well verse on their cause and beliefs and respected by those that shared the common interest. This is a real dilemma that we are facing. The glanced over fine print has verbiage in these laws that could shut down our "remotely controlled unmanned craft" hobby. You get the media to do what they do best, fabricate a problem and instill fear and this really has the potential to shut us down, not just FPV. I'm not sure where this hobby falls in your nomenclature of life but it ranks pretty damn high for me. So, who is this masked man? Well, I don't know. Head of the AMA? Who do you think? If we sit idle, the media driven fear on a Hollywood scale will force people into and uneducated decision or vote.}



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Good question. Who is a Hollywood type that flies RC? The Kardashian dad? Or would it be someone from the RC community, but who hasn't got the notoriety yet. Trappy, good or bad has been out there. The Flite Test crew could be it. They're doing public outreach. They show the fun innocent side of the hobby. They could have a show worthy of TV.

Who else has any ideas?
Anthony of the Opie and Anthony show Sirius/XM flys FPV and has been on Fox news this week talking about whatever yahoo violated JFK airspace.

Unfortunately you'll have to give him a better reason of WHY you need the ability to fly FPV. He does list land surveying, inspecting done now by Ranchers and power companies and that he uses it for photography but when it all boils down HE uses FPV because it's FUN. Which is why we do many things in our life. But basically we've all been hanging around minding our P's and Q's hoping that some DUMMY doesn't screw the whole thing up with one selfish, careless act. I thought we were in real trouble when the guy ran into the Goodyear blimp but we made it through that unscathed. What really gets us is the ability with higher power systems to fly farther away and have live feed back. Davids latest video, flying to the edge of space and back, gives both positive and negative fodder. He was in control of a model capable of delivering harm to a target from a long distance away. The public and a less then friendly media who lately is all about what YOU DON'T NEED, sees this as a personalized Avenger Drone. In reality its a Microjett loaded to about half an ounce of useable with video gear. It's an amazing achievement. But in our narrow minded, "It's for the Children" tag lined society, it's doomed.

Lookit, they have been selling us the line for 40 years that 'if it saves the life of one child' in some dream scenario they will march a bill right through congress and take away your rights. Regardless of the fact that in the real world it may cost more lives then it ever has saved. With this in mind they've made target rich, defenseless kill zones just jam packed full of children and then wonder why loonies go there to fulfill their manifesto driven murder/suicide plots. And you want them to leave you the ability to fly FPV because it's fun.

Yes, we need a face, several I would think. A congress of people. Examples like David whose assembled multiple platforms. StoneblueAirlines for his "How to be successful in FPV..." series, Antony Cumia who bought big time off the shelf, assembled and has been cutting his teeth on the matter and MidwestRob whose done the same thing. Didn't know how to fly, purchased a medium sized rig and now has videos up of flying in Rural Kansas. All these people show what can be done, how they did it, where the pitfalls are BUT they also show that we are a community of responsible people. A large group as compared to some nut who is using his camera to fly into restricted airspace or peak into peoples windows effectively turning many thousands of dollars of toy into a cheap pair of binoculars and a conveniently place bush to hide behind.

As far as Jenner. Does he even fly or is his only accomplishment other then being an Olympic medalist nearly 50 years ago and now is married to a woman who really got her children's careers going by selling her oldest daughter's sex tape? We've got names for people like that out here in the sticks, and they ain't nice.

I don't think they would, but if they get the feathers up enough they could just ban all RC aircraft. I'll just go fly control line. But I can't see them shutting down this big of an industry. Then again, they've been trying for years to take away a constitutional right with the same "You Don't NEED this" line. That is number two in the Bill of Rights. FPV isn't even in the amendments.

Better get your ducks in a row.


I agree that Flite Test had the ability to produce informational commercials promoting RC, FPV and educating the public on these. But, who would fund this?
The AMA is doing some work on this subject. Thing is, the AMA is YOU and me and all it's other members. And just like Model Aviation, if you want to see a specific article in the mag you probably should write it.

I am kind of hoping for more FPV pilots to come in, flesh out WHY they should be allowed to keep flying. What they're really using them for. Get a bunch of info together for a package and when we have something presentable, shoot it to a local VP and see if that helps the current project or if we need to start a different one. The AMA is also not beyond using star power to help with it's cause. They used Rutan up at Oshkosh a couple years ago as he got his start with model airplanes. So a list of celebrities that fly FPV wouldn't hurt as well. I know our Flite Test guys are a niche, but one of them has two airplanes named after him, another is a youth councilor and yet another is Dutch. Anthony is also niche and I'm afraid the shock jock thing would be too much negative light.

But for now, info, suggestions, then contact.