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The Graveyard - with perhaps some organ donation


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Now crashing is part of flying. I'm a fixer, and will keep flogging a heavily crashed plane with glue and take and carbon or whatever it takes to get it back in the air. I've had a couple I couldn't fix though. I'm sure you've all got stories, photos and vids to share on this topic. Please keep it to actual deaths though, where you've let the aircraft RIP.

My first plane that I owned was a Guan-Li P51. I quickly shelved it until I'd mastered the Tuff Trainer, learning my lesson on appropriate planes for newbies/returners. Once I figure out an appropriate powertrain for it, the P51 and I had many beautiful flights. I crashed it less and less, but in the end there was too much epoxy and new foam to allow it to recover from a clash with a lightpost. The foam warped beyond repair and I pulled every useful component off it.

The second plane I killed was a scratch built Predator. It was my first scratch and it was, well, rough. I crashed it on maiden, and due to the foam used it wasn't very recoverable.


EDIT: I forgot this one... A scratch build profile P51. It flew well except it had a nasty tip stall tendency... Once it stalled, there was no recovering either.

The third was my Funbat. I loved that plane. I'd decorated it with a Megamind poster, and it flew like a dream. I learnt to fly inverted with it, but one time I flew at a foreign field, not knowing of a dead spot. I was showing off to some old friends, bringing it in for a fast inverted dive in and pass, but the elevator didn't respond. Was a sad day.

View attachment 1792

The fourth I tried and tried to keep going. It was the 50mm EDF A6 Intruder. It always felt underpowered, like it would stall at any moment, which it occasionally did if you did anything too suddenly. After about 25 flights, the stock fan broke. I bought another and fitted the stock motor, but it wouldn't fly. I then chucked in a crazy powerful unit, but it still dropped out of the sky once it ran out of steam from the launch. Can't seem to find a pic...

EDIT: Another I'd forgotten... The Old Timer Cub. I got it as a freebie, but wifey claimed it. She put it through a tree, so we rebuilt the wings. I accidentally killed it via a nosedive, brought on by loss of signal from a dodgy rx.


I reckon I've got a few pics floating around of some of these planes - I'll put them up for nostalgia's sake when I find them!
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My Firebird Challenger. My first plane ever, the one I learned to fly 3 channel on. I loved it though, I bought it because it flew pretty well and it had the drop module and my kids loved chasing the parachute.



My first heli was a Blade CX3 coaxial. It finally died. R.I.P. I don't have any pictures of that one though.


The only plane that was killed beyond the point of repair was the Wild Hawk that I found in someone's curbside trash last year. I upgraded to a 4 channel with a killer brushless motor. It was my favorite to fly. One of my students, toward the end of the school year, was learning to fly on it. He was doing really well until he flew over his head, behind him, lost orientation and nosed it into the ground at 1/2 throttle from about 40 feet. I still have everything but the nose. I'll probably build something out of those pieces eventually.

And, sadly, I can't find a pic of it.


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That epp wing of yours should be in this thread LM. Can't believe it still flies.

Vividly remember the amusement brought about by the plane stopping on account of the goal post, but the battery continuing along the established trajectory.

Good times, good times.


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I've had my share of 'let it R.I.P' -crashes as well :

(go to 4:55)

(go to 2:25)

(go to 1:50)

Well, I think I smashed about 15-20 planes to pieces.
Some examples:

Nice foam F4-U Corsair (during maiden)
The re-maiden was no success as well.

Multiple Cessna's when I started the hobby

Multple Wings during combat

When you know what this was, I send you a free servo :cool:
And no .. I don't mean the garbage bag :p



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I have a LOT of hot glue. I would be tempted to reassemble that puzzle piece red plane just for the challenge. :rolleyes:
I am guessing it was some variety of mig?



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I have a LOT of hot glue. I would be tempted to reassemble that puzzle piece red plane just for the challenge. :rolleyes:
I am guessing it was some variety of mig?

Haha, yeah, doesn't look too warped! Rebuild!!! I reckon it's an AT6 - looking at the foam it's probably EPS, so I'd guess either a GWS or Guanli...