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The simulator video capture thread: post your simming vids in here!


How many letters do we ge
You've all seen the simulator screen shots thread, well here is the video capture thread.

First step is to download the free version of FRAPS: http://www.fraps.com/download.php

(there might be other software out there, not sure)

Familiarise yourself with the program; but you'll probably find all you need to do is hit F9 and show your moves!

FRAPS will make an AVI file which you can turn into wmv via windows movie maker or similar.

Post the results on you tube and show us the link here!

Embed youtube vids with the video icon here in the forum reply feature (next to the picture icon).

Here is my first attempt... have to fiddle with the reduction settings, and also the framerate.



How many letters do we ge
Failed to mention: the free version of FRAPS gives you 30sec of capture. Which keeps it nice and short! Also a challenge to get a take off and landing in in that time!