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The Stinger


Junior Member

Speed is all you need
When I flew my first scratch build plane a few weeks ago (the BF109) I was amazed how fast you get used to the speed of à model. The FT Racer wood then also be the next build, but the idea to have a small fast bird brought me to the pylon racers.
From Hobby king I received the floater jet replacement motor of 2150kv 44gr , and the battery wood be something not to heavy so I shoos à 3 cell 800mamp batter of 70 gr.
The propeller is a 5 x 5
So the wings would be à little longer as I hoped it to float better.
To be sure to have strength enough into the wings I glued a carbon rib in the wing.
Due to the fact that I reduced the plans I decided to leave out the rudder servo and used only 3 servo’s off 5 grams.
I did not bother to match about colors or looks, I only wanted it to be a quick build to test what this motor could do when I fired it up.
The maiden was again not à success, the plane was going in a tork roll as soon as it launched.
Therefore I rebuild the motor fixation and put in a huge angel to the right and below.
The second test again gave a spin to the left and à nose into the ground. So I started to test with lead into the tip of the right wing, and so I came up with 10gr.
I Hand launched it again and with 80% of power the plane raised to the sky and as soon as it was 3 mistakes hi , I cut the power to half.
This little bird flew nice, but whooo…. what speed was this thing going? I did some test with full power and I realized very quickly that this would be my little adrenaline raiser.
My Sisters son of 10years old who by the way filmed the video with his Pad, was amazed and after à little discussion we baptized the plane “ The Stinger”