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gopro hd

  1. K

    thinking of moving from goprohd2 to the gopro3 black edition.....are the bugs fixed?

    wanting to upgrade from goprohd2 to the gopro 3 black edition.... is it still buggy? i've flown the original gopro, and have two of the hd2 gopros but i've been wanting to upgrade to the gopro3 black edition but have been hesitant due to earlier reports of firmware bug issues like freezing...
  2. B

    Tricopter, river valley and ruins. Rural NE New Mexico.

    Remote area in NE New Mexico. Exploring a valley with the Gallinas river and some old ruins. Very pretty area. Hope you enjoy! Tricopter 2.5, KK board, 7channel orangerx, 5.8ghz 200mw video system, Sony ccd flight cam, Filmed with gopro hd.
  3. Rcplaneguy

    PERFECT GoPro mount for HK Bixler!

    I stumbled across PDF plans for a Bixler gopro mount on http://www.ilovefpv.com/ I made my own mount out of 1/8inch basswood and some heavy duty epoxy. Check out the review I did on it below.
  4. F

    Tricopter VS Quadcopter: What is better?

    Hey everyone, I am trying to decided if a Tri or a Quad would be better for Flying FPV using my GoPro camera? What do you think is better?
  5. F

    6061 Tricopter

    Hey everyone, don't know if every one has seen this. http://fpvpilot.com/400Tricopter.aspx I like it how they sell it as a complete kit so you know that everything will work together.
  6. M

    Hobbyking Bixler with GoPro HD

    Hi, This is my first video with my Bixler, more videos are coming in Winter! - Marcel