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This is an emotional bruise


I am being banished to the basement. I feared that this day would come. For the last year and a half, my RC workspace existed in our "great room." You know, that room that is so fashionable in American home construction these days because it makes your house look larger than it really is.

For my friends who live in countries with a far more sensible approach to living, a great room is pretty much a dining room and living room in one. My house is on the smaller side, as far as construction within the last 12 years goes, so my great room is more of an "almost good enough" room. Instead of shoe horning a dining room into the thing, our computers and my rc workspace has occupied part of the floor space.

Today, we picked up our Christmas tree. I am being relocated to the basement to make space for a temporary, already dead Frazier Fir. The basement is unfinished and cold. Since it is an unfinished basement, there is a severe lack of electrical outlets in the dungeon. I think there is an intelligent design behind this whole thing. The "intelligence" behind this is my wife.

For years, we have discussed finishing the basement. To date, I have drafted the floor plan, electrical/lighting, and HVAC plans on ACAD. Its going to be nice - someday. Oh, and we have a large stack of 3/8" drywall down there. I suspect that my wife, with her diabolical and womanly manipulative ways is doing this because she knows that I will not be happy in the cold, dank basement. She thinks she is tricking me into thinking that finishing the basement is my idea. I already see through her plan. Thing is, whether I see through her or not, she's already won. I HATE it when that happens!


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You are being banished to a room??? That you get to design and build and make into an ultimate hanger that will be the envy of all???
You poor ba****d!
Banished of course until you hear the magical phrase "we need a guest room" and then you'll find you've no longer been banished. No, you'll have just quit the hobby altogether as you will have no time or space for it what with all those "Guests" staying in that new room downstairs in the basement.

IF you're lucky, you'll find out that you're not one of the guest on the list and for the small price of a house, half your income and belongings, you'll get to find a nice cozy trailer somewhere.

But at least your destiny will be your own again, till some other cutey turns your head and you do all the stupid things that lead you down this path again.

My advice, leave the basement as is and get a multi-plug extension cord.

Now I've got to go. I have to put Pergo in the basement. Seriously. Got back from buying the saw this morning and have a stack of it waiting for this new carpet knife to get the old flooring out of the way. Bright side is that she is making lasagna.
Down side? It's for the kids, for tomorrow. How do I know? I don't smell any rolls baking and she always makes rolls to go with the lasagna so that will happen tomorrow. Frozen pizza tonight boys.


Elemental Madness
No Teach, don't get me wrong, you don't realize what you have until you've lost it but...
I have to keep EVERYTHING that involves my planes, any building I'm doing, everything in my bedroom. I have about 6 planes hanging on the walls and I'm 6' 3" so a 120sq ft room isn't very large. All my FPV gear, glues and foam, everything in one tiny room. So stop whining. :(

Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
Personally I don't mind the banishment, although mine was my choice.

I can sand balsa and don't care where the dust goes.
Empty soda cans get thrown in the general direction of the recycling container.
The Solarfilm backing on the floor will get cleaned up. Eventually.
Planes hanging from the ceiling bother nobody.
I don't have to pick it up if I don't want to.
My kids and dog aren't bothering me and touching my toys.
I can (and do) ignore everything else going on in the house.

It's perfect. But more outlets and a flat screen TV would make it better.


Mr. Clean - My days of being distracted by some pretty, young thing are behind me. Its not a physiological issue, but a realization of what's important in a relationship through life experience. (Basement banishing aside)

Carbon - How often do you hit your head on an airplane?

BMonkey - HELL NO! The only thing distracting me from that is decorating for Christmas and finishing the fpv wing.


Propaganda machine
I'd love to have a room for my stuff. We have a tiny shoebox of a house and my stuff is hanging from our bedroom (yes, they're allowed in our room!) on a nifty set of straps strung up near the roof (partially over the bed). My workbench is the dining room table.


Lobster - my workbench is my kitchen table, too. I have a couple of nice desks that could serve as workbenches if so much stuff wasn't piled on top of them.

Carbon - stay away from helicopters.


I count 4 as I sit at my kitchen table typing this. Also, I have a few spots of Gorilla Glue that I didn't quite scrape of well enough and a 24" line from a Sharpie that bled through the fiberglass cloth as I was marking to cut panels for the wings. There are little gouges in the table from various sharp tools, as well. :D