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Tiny parts - DTFB work tray


Building Fool-Flying Noob
This Christmas I got a very small RC truck about the size of the cell phone. so you can imagine all the parts and pieces are even smaller and I know on some of these micro drones are the pieces are similarly tiny. the problem I have is a really don't have a good shallow container to work in when working with screwing and pieces that will literally disappear in my carpet or table or what not.
the solve this problem I decided to make a Dollar tree foam board tray with basically 45 degree beveled sidewalls. Take a look at the pictures below see what I mean.
I simply took a sheet. And measured an 50%. 1" edge around the outer edge of the board. I used the thickness of my ruler for this.
Then I notched a small diamond shape out of each corner.

I flipped it over and snapped the groove to fold the edges up 45° and glues and taped the corners.
IMG_20191228_113806353_HDR.jpg IMG_20191228_122326528.jpg
This gives Me a large flat solid basin to hold all the tiny parts and help them be visible.
IMG_20191228_122551115.jpg IMG_20191228_122538941.jpg
I hope this help someone else room let me know by posting below if it does.