Tiny trainer glider


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Hey guys so I decided that I wanted a glider/warmliner and the the recently acquired and quite helpful information That dollar General carried 3mm foam I decided to give building one a go. This is the result.
it is a ft tiny trainer sport wing built out of 3mm foam with free handed tail surfaces on a wooden boom. It is powered by a black out 1806 with a 6045 bullnose prop and a 950 mah 2s Lipo. It is one of the most relaxing planes I have ever flone and I just got a 23 minute flight which included some osprey chasing so I'm guessing I could get around 25 if I'm careful. Ive never flown a sail plane before so I don't have anything to compare it to but it seems pretty good to me. I'll try to coerce a friend into getting a flight video soon.


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@Morgan - I am keen to try the 3mm FB again, last time I used it I was obsessed with removing the paper which was a nightmare - if I just did a regular wing I can see why you had so much success!

@Hai-Lee - rate’s the 3mm FB too!
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@Hai-Lee - Tate’s the 3mm FB too!
I am unclear on what you meant!

I use a fair bit of 3mm FB already and I find it generally superior in strength and in weight.

My fastest build is an all 3mm FB build and I have a number not listed on the forums including a rendering of the "Little Toni"
Model Aircraft 10 Apr 2016-77.jpg

Have fun!


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@Hai-Lee - typo! (rates)!
OK, for a moment I thought one of the thread posters was named Tate:rolleyes:

When you finish your hybrid I wonder if you would want to co-design a proper motor glider as the FT offerings are not that great and the forum user contributions are sadly lacking in that department.

As a starting point I was thinking something about a design based around the fuselage of the Slick Trick, (extended of course) and later a more curvaceous fuselage for a later rendition! Slick trick - https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/collaborators-build-2-slick-trick.54111/

I am wanting a motor glider with a wing span of 2 to 3 metres. Wing 2 piece held together in the fuselage with flaps/spoilers and ailerons.

Just let me know if interested!

Have fun!


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I’ve been wanting a good motor glider!! If you guys get a good design going, I’ll gladly jump in on a build.