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Tiny Whoov Offroad Upgrades?


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I recently upgraded from a brushed Tiny Whoop to a brushless Mobula7, and now I have brushed guts to play with. The most fun thing I can think of to do with them (besides selling them and seeing the money, of course) is to make a Tiny Whoov from the FT plans, but I'm reserving the right to be picky. I don't have a lot of floor space in my house and most of the time when I would use a Whoov would be at my college in between classes on one of several fun-looking concrete areas. With the FT foamboard plans and no particularly powerful components, is it possible to make a Whoov that reasonably glides over rough-ish concrete? Based on my eyeballing, making a skidplate from a foam disposable plate should make it reasonably effective, but this is in no way supported by evidence or experiment. My FC board is a Betaflight board, so if there is a tune for a Whoov conversion that any of y'all know of, that would also be useful.


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I was looking for a picture of what I built but I cant seem to find it... was nothing special, just some scrap foam and a strip or 1/2 round "calk saver" which is just a round foam rope for stuffing in cracks to help keep snow/cold out of an old house.


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I'm still looking for the pics/videos I had of the ones I made... a bit simpler than the FT ones, but the kids and I had a blast with them.

I even had a couple little boards from cheap drones that had the motor pads melted off due to too many repairs... the hovercraft will work with only 3 motors. I even had one with only 2 motors that worked with some success, not as simple as the 4 motor version, but functional.
I would just use regular DTFB and remove all the paper. That way, its half as light as regular foamboard, and can still take a lot of abuse. having tried this project in the past, its still great on the floor just using the foam on ground without a skirt.