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Solved Tinyhawk 2 freestyle probably fried FC

Dear Community, today my newest drone arrived, a Tinyhawk 2 freestyle. The drone comes with frsky protocol and as I use spektrum I wanted to change it to DSMX so of course I thought id just attach a spektrum receiver. When connectkng the receiver to the drone tho something probably went wrong. I used a different thread on this forum as a guide on how too connect the wires. But Im guessing the answer from the author was probably wrong. Now only the VTX light flash but no response from FC is there anything I can do except for buying a new FC? And how should the connections to the receiver be done correctly?
Thanks for your reply I have fixed the problem of the FC not responding by removing the fried capasitor. Now my only question is if it is correct that I have to wire the receiver to the 3.3v,- and Tx1 pads.