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Tinyhawk motor stutter issue?

I'm pretty sure the motors are not burnt or damaged and all ESCs load up up in bheli but the two back motors only stutter (no spin) when armed. I've looked into many videos that mention timing errors between ESCs but not sure if calibration is even possible. Any input appreciated...


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My first thought with a stuttering motor is the wiring, Either a short or a break in one of the connections. Try switching one of the good motors with one of the suspected ESC and try a suspect motor with a known good ESC


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If you're running anything other than DSHOT, you need to calibrate your ESC's using the motors tab in Betaflight. If that's been done, you can try increasing your min throttle or motor idle throttle in Betaflight as well, if your wiring is all good.
I'm running dshot600 and it appears that wiring was the issue for the rear right motor as it's since been re-seated and works normally, but i've swapped out the rear left motor with a known working motor and that persists to stutter. I have also noticed a high beep when it decides to no longer send signal and a low beep when disarmed entirely.