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Travelling with lipos

Hi, does somone know the regulations for travelling with lipos?
A friend of mine is travelling to Mexico and i want him to bring me a battery (1 LiFe 9.9v 1500mAh). I know he must bring the battery in carry-on luggage, also the battery must be inside a Lipo safe bag. Is there anything else i need to know? can he bring more batteries?


Gravity Tester
Ask your friend to call the airline he is using. A lot of airlines will allow it, but there is a mAh limit. Also like you said, they must be carry on, in a lipo safe bag, and I also believe the connectors have to be covered up to avoid shorts.
i took a tiny rc truck on a plane once on carry on, and at security every time i went to the airport, a bomb scan was required, but that was a tiny truck WITH a lipo in it, i dont think they could have cared less what battery was in it, i think it was just a remotely operated device protocol. but definitely, call ahead about your specific questions regarding carrying just a battery.


propulsion impromptu
during the times NiMH rules the RC world, a 7.2V 3x2cells pack with Deans will look very similar to you know what.
Having multitudes of them made it all the more suspicious under the scan.
I ran into scrutiny when i traveled with my surface RC gears, but released soon after they realized what those actually were.
LiPo packs are somewhat similar to smartphone's extra/charging battery pack, and so far i have been lugging 5200 3s, etc. on board.
i'm sure my laptop and other electronic devices i've brought in will also show similar traces because they're either Li-Ion or LiPo as well.
But yes, to be certain, call up the airline and check. There should be a limit on how much you're allowed to carry on board.