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tricopter ESC to control board power


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so I am just trying to get all this tricopter wiring stuff in my head (yey this) and am a little bit confused about the wiring of the ESC's to the flight control board. I understand you need the signal wire from each ESC, but the + and - wire from only one? which one? does it matter? and what do you do with the extra wires? can you leave 'em or will the FC board blow up?

Yea attaching all is the easiest solution. The KK2 takes power from the first lead and disregards the power from all the others; it just takes the signal from those.


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I love that wiring diagram PDF. It all looks so simple now, but a month ago when I was still researching for my build, that would have been indispensable. Where did you find it?


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yup,this diagram is the best thing ever. all the other ones look super complicated compared to this. anyhow, I found it a long time ago from this fantastic article on this fantastic site. though it seems like he has completely stopped updating it :/


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cyber, what is that cord in the upper left of your picture (upper right of the kk2)? is that for voltage monitoring? how is it wired in?


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that's the buzzer wire. the buzzer can be used to indicate that, if you mod the board (IIRC).


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There's a solder pad for voltage monitoring. I'll try to find the link that has the how to on it if you're interested...


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Yea, I have my wires soldered to the bottom and slight bit of CA sticking the insulated part of the wire to the board to make sure the contacts are not stressed.

The cool aspect of the KK2 is, it provides an ever increasing beeping as you approach the voltage you have set. Where-as a standalone alarm has digital or LED notification along with an alarm generally fixed or can that can be set, but is usually on or off.

It's a bit tedious, but it can be done if you're careful.