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Tricopter Flight Time

Hi Folks,
I just maidened my "FT Anycopter Tricopter" (what are we calling these things?). It flys awesome and went together really easily, the hardest part was soldering the electronics. I used the Turnigy Park 300 motors with the suggested 8x4.5 props and the KK2.0 board. Unfortunately I screwed up and ended up with Turnigy Plush 10A ESCs instead of the 15A multistars I meant to order (don't ask...:eek:).

What I'm wondering is, what kind of flight time are people getting? I'm using a nano-tech 3S 2200mah lipo and I'm only getting about 4 minutes. I was expecting more than that. I have some 5000mah lipos as well that I haven't tried yet. The ESCs are getting pretty hot, I may try moving them so that they are in the air flow from the props, see if that makes a difference... Is there a different prop I could use to reduce the amp draw? Maybe that would help. Or I can just replace the ESCs but I'm not crazy about putting much more money into this at the moment and I also don't want to re-solder all those connections (I guess I should have gone with bullet connectors :p).
Can you hover at 50% throttle or less?
Yes, it hovers right about mid stick. I have noticed that I need more throttle as the flight goes on. I only put about 800mah back into the pack so I don't think it was due to the battery dieing.

I moved the ESCs under the props last night, I'll see if it helps keep them cool.


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You're going to get reduced performance as you're overheating the ESC's. One of them will likely burn out in flight.

Put getting the higher rated ones on your "to do" list.
Putting them into the prop's airflow made a <david>huuuge</david> difference :) They still come down warm but not molten like before and I'm getting about 8 minute flight times before my lipo monitor goes red. I know I'm stressing them and one will probably fail but at least I can fly while I wait for the slow boat from China.


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I've had a great time with the HK 20A. So much so, I ordered another 4 for future use. I must have several dozen hours driving the mid-size DT750s with 3C 2200 45-90c LiPOs. My quad is around 1500-1600 grams and they only get slightly warm, maybe 100-105F on 90F days running it fairly hard. They're dirt cheap and moderately easy to flash.
Did my first real flights at the park tonight. It flys awesome, I turned the stick scaling up and had it flipping in every direction, doing some stall turns, good stuff. All until I lost a prop at about 50ft :( Tricopter doesn't fly well as a duocopter.

Two cracked booms but nothing else appears to be broken.