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Tricopter + FY20A


Junior Member
After watching a few videos and reading a few posts about using the FY20A on a multi-rotor I decided to try mine on my tricopter again the other day. It worked great, but I have some observations/questions and would be interested to know what people think...

It only really worked if I tweaked the gains down to almost nothing (i.e. turned the pots to the middle). Any more gain than that and it oscillated wildly.

Even with the gains down very low there was still a very noticeable improvement in stability.

Whatever I tried, the tricopter wanted to move forwards and to the left. I found myself holding the stick back-right constantly BUT if I tried to fix this with trim on the Tx it didn't seem to make a difference! Not sure what's going on here!

I don't have the fancy rubber band mount for my FY20A, so previously I'd mounted it with velcro (thinking it'd help damp some vibrations from the motors). It did not work well at all. This time around I found that the tricopter got more and more stable the tighter I lashed the FY20A down. I ended up with velcro underneath and some very tight tape holding it down.

Would love to hear peoples thoughts/experiences!