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Tricopter with Crius board finally flying but very unstable.

So I fixed the yaw problem by changing the thing to RC7_REV -1. IT is now flying.

I use the term flying loosely the thing is still an unstable mofo. It literally flies like crap. The allen screw on the left motor keeps backing out and I dont have a key small enough to tighten it all the way down. The right motor keeps having the prop locking screw back-out. The booms also have a habit of folding while in use too. I got it pretty stable at one point and it was still drifting a bit. So, I switched it into GPS position hold at about 25 foot altitude. This worked great for about 2 seconds and really stabilized everything. The thing then throttled down and dropped out of the sky.

My setup is almost exactly like the v1.0 build with these exceptions

dt700 motor instead
3s instead of 4s battery
crius v2 board and GPS running megapirate APM
11inch props, I forget the pitch.
Gopro 2
I am also using a turgity 9x

Here is a short video of the spinning it did and then I put it into gps hold. It held for a second then crashed.
I decided to go with a quad designs until I get into RC even more. So far I really enjoy the 450 size quadcopters. I even found the DT700 motors a bit too big for them.