Trouble printing tiled plans


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Hi All,

I’ve been printing plans for awhile now and realized it may not be normal to have to trim the white space along the edges...
looking closer at what I was printing I noticed that the plans don’t have margins, for some reason adobe reader DC is adding them during print.

Looking through the forums I have tried everything...I have printing set to auto size, scaling set to 100%, and looked through the advanced setting and found the section where you can set margins. It’s set to 100% and is grayed out so I can’t edit it...anyone else have this issue? I’m going to guess having 1” margins is probably why my planes fly weird...


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jobob ..1 inch margin is nothing to worry about ,as long as the scale on each page conforms to a scale of 1 inch !
i live in the uk and use a4 paper size ...if the plans are not in a4 tiled margins are a half a page wide !!!!