LW-PLA printing issues using Creality K1


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Hi All,
I am new to this forum, 3D printing and RC planes (learning very fast)
Recently I purchased a K1 from Creality and have begun printing a Go Wolf.
I did try and setup both the Creality slicer and Cura using the settings provided with the plan, but found that I was not able to get the same print quality or success rate as using the pre-sliced G-Code provided with the plan.
Printing in regular PLA works absolutly fine, no issues. When I print with K-Sun PLA-LW the bed adhesion is fantastic, print quality starts off great, but for some unknown reason it stops extruding during the print. Very annoying when it has already been printing for an hour or so.
I have raised it with Creality and they have asked that i try and slice it with their own slicer and if that fails they will send a replacement extruder. I really think that is where i will end up, but just covering all bases first.
As I have not been able to get the same quality when i slice it myself, using the provided settings, I suspect it may relate to settings not shown in the documentation that is supplied with the plans.
Does anyone have a complete list of Cura or Creality print settings that was used for PLA-LW G-Code for the Go Wolf?

Thanks in advance


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What version of CURA are you running?

I started using V5 and had to go back to V4.*. I could not get V5 to complete a print and what it did print, the quality was crap. I'm sure it coiuld be worked out, but it was just easier to go back to something that already works.


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Have been using 5.3 but will install 4.6 and try. This is the version that the G-Code was created with


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Moving back to 4.6 made all the difference. Speed seems faster and extrusion seems less in 5.3. Perhaps a calibration issue in previous versions that was resolved. The Creality slicer performs much like cura 5.3. I suspect I will need to do some calibration prints and adjust the settings provided with the plan in order to slice with cura 5.3 or Creality Print