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Tuff Trainer


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In this episode the guys review Josh Scott's plane, the Tuff Trainer. Josh S. has had this plane at his disposal for about a week, in which he got some practice time in. Josh Bixler was in the unusual role of support, instead of lead for this review. Josh Scott showed that he learned quite a bit about the plane while he had it in his possession, and demonstrates this while explaining some of the plusses and minus of this aircraft. The review was followed by Josh S putting the plane into the air, and returning it, for the most part, safely to the ground. A crooked mustache makes for an easy fix. Be sure to subscribe, so you don't miss any of the upcoming episodes.



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HK has made some improvements since your review. They've added some plastic bits to the leading and trailing edges of the wing where the rubber bands sit, eliminating the flex that you noted. They also added a battery door on the bottom of the fuselage so you don't need to remove the wing (or cut out the window) to swap the battery. This compartment is ahead of the other compartments, moving the battery forward a bit, and makes the plane less tail-heavy from the get-go. But the biggest change is that it's now a 4ch model with ailerons! If it was a good trainer when you reviewed it, it's a GREAT one now. Images of the changes below.

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Glad to see Josh S flying solo!!! Good job and great episode guys. Great stuff for the newbie flyer!!! Keep up the good work guys!


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I really rate the Tuff Trainer for getting newbies in the air. A million times more crash-worthy than an EPO pusher glider. They can be a little tricky to trim out the first time though, and don't take kindly to wind.